This is a head sculpt of my creatures, the Bauble Snipes. Bauble Snipes are little stony gray creatures with round soft bodies. They are commonly found in the woods and have fur that changes color to blend in with the surrounding rocks. They are known for disguising themselves as the rocks around them so they can steal glittery treasures from people in the woods. Every time a Snipe eats one if its treasures its eyes turn to a glassy colored opal and it gains a small bit of momentary magic that it uses to cause mayhem. The Snipes appear incredibly sweet and adorable but are actually very mischievous and prone to biting. Best to exercise caution.
These sculpts are of potted Mandrakes, commonly known from Harry Potter. Mandrakes can be found in many cultures in folklore stories around the world. It is said that pulling a Mandrake from the ground induces a deadly shriek from the plant. The mandrakes I sculpt are Immature and not fully developed yet so no need to guard yourself from their screams. Every Mandrake comes with glass eyes, a pot, and a potting tag that lists the place they were picked as well as their potting instructions and preferences. Mandrake personalities differ, sometimes even daily! 
These are the beginning sculpts of my creatures: Punkinheads. Punkinheads are small goblin-like creatures that are mostly active during the month of Hallows Eve. The Punkinheads use their pumpkin likeness as a disguise to steal treats and candies from children's bags on Halloween. They have been known to carve homes into pumpkins, painting the faces of their own Jack-O-Lanterns (their heads replacing the tops) and hiding out for their treasures. The Punkinheads, being like goblins, live very crudely and make their clothing out of scraps of fabric they find, typically stuffing their sack-like garments with dead leaves to plump up their physique to appear even more rounded and pumpkin-esque

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